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Something made by combining two different elements; a mixture.
Entrephilan with Management

Philanthropist weaved into her genetic coding & Entrepreneur since the age of 7 she embodies the definition of a hybrid.

Elizabeth Gorman merged two of her passions: the desire to create and represent brands.

With experience in communication, sales, advertising and media relations, Elizabeth began using marketing and some unique sales strategies to create brands on a local, national and international structure. Seeing the need to establish herself as a credible brand and lead by example, she began to move into the role of consultant and brand ambassador. Having experience in all aspects of advertising and media relations behind and in front of the camera, Elizabeth demonstrates her abilities to be a spokesperson by becoming a “Walking Billboard” for clients and companies she represents. Being a high fashion and fitness model allows Elizabeth to show the versatility of her marketing skills as well as understand the expectation of her clients through hands-on experience. In Elizabeth’s portfolio, two campaigns “Fashion Meets Fitness” and “New Breed of Female Athletes” demonstrate how she is a product of her own companies.

Elizabeth holds a bachelor’s degree in communications where she majored in public relations and advertising.

Playing competitive sports for over 10 years, Elizabeth gained a nationally recognized, pro-training certificate and has formed a mentorship program for at-risk females and young adults in Tampa, Florida and the greater Los Angeles area.

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Performance Coaching

I Am Hybrid, I Live Hybrid.

Branding & lifestyle program – branding, health, and fitness.

The we live hybrid branding lifestyle program is an exclusive lifestyle coaching program specializing in health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, branding, and digital marketing.

Founded in 2008 by lead-coach Elizabeth Grace Gorman, the I live hybrid whole lifestyle philosophy seeks to bond with the full potential of each client, and utilize personalized programs that not only meet their individual goals, but to motivate clients to achieve their fullest potential.

We choose to accept only a handful of clients at a time, and that allows us to work very closely with each client. Since day one we have made it a priority to build and foster meaningful relationships with everyone we work with, and that philosophy has provided our company with some truly incredible opportunities.
Since 2008, the we live hybrid branding lifestyle program has changed the lives of professional athletes, business men, female entrepreneurs, foster children, financial advisors, musicians, artists, businesses and charities. We have assisted in the health and wellness as well as the marketing and branding aspects of from a broad range of industries.

The program has helped people around the world realize their goals, renew their passion and push themselves to places they never knew were possible. Everyone has their own aspirations, so the program is individually designed with you in mind. Each milestone is personalized to get you where you want to be.

Above all, we are passionate about progress, motivation and touching people’s lives, just like you. Elizabeth evaluates each project in great detail, and proposes the most appropriate solutions for your needs and goals. This proposal is intended to give you a firm understanding of the services and work anticipated, and a broad overview of process and path we will follow.

Our intention is to help you reach your goals. The truth is, before you can cultivate an idea into the best brand or product possible, you must have a firm foundation, and a solid strategy. To that end, services are offered in packages that are built and arranged for the sole purpose of trans­forming yourself into who you want to be.

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